Reservoir Sound

A.M. Breakups

A.M. Breakups (born Marris Mielnick) is an electronic/hip-hop producer originally from Utica, NY.  Currently based in the Bed-Stuy area of Brooklyn, he has been composing experimental electronic music for over a decade, and has developed into one of the most sought-after producers in Brooklyn’s storied underground rap scene.

A.M. Breakups has a sound that is uniquely his own. There has always been a strong metaphorical link between A.M. Breakups’ native city of Utica and the textures found in his compositions. While embracing both organic and acoustic sounds, Breakups seamlessly integrates industrial and synthetic elements, creating a universe of sound that is both deep and resonant.

Since the transition from Rust Belt to Brooklyn, Breakups has founded the now infamous Reservoir Sound music collective & record label.  He has worked closely with Nasa (Uncommon Records/Def Jux), Billy Woods (Backwoodz Studioz), and Cannibal Ox, amongst many other collaborators.  While still in college for composition, Breakups released numerous beat tapes, as well as the “Free*” EP in collaboration with MC Eleven (as 11:00A.M.) on Uncommon Records. In 2010, Backwoodz Studioz (home to Billy Woods, Vordul Mega (of Cannibal Ox), MarQ Spekt & Karniege, etc.) released “The Cant Resurrection”, a collection of instrumentals and collaborations that formed a narrative of his past several years of work.  In 2012, A.M. Breakups also worked with Billy Woods in producing several songs from Wood’s critically acclaimed “History Will Absolve Me”.  This year marks the release of his first solo outing since “The Cant Resurrection”, with the dark and atmospheric “924 Myrtle Avenue” EP (an address which also happens to be the current Reservoir Sound headquarters), as well as upcoming collaborative projects with both Elucid (as Cult Favorite) and Warren Britt & Jimmy The Gent (as We Are Not For Them).


2010 – The Cant Resurrection

2010 – Clink Pieces EP

2006 – Hangover…