Reservoir Sound

Bald Afro

BALD AFRO is the newest project of veteran underground MC’s Lt Headtrip and Googie, both members of the Queens livewire rap group Karma Kids.  They’ve been blowing up venues across the city for years with their signature punk-inspired performances.  Now, Trip and Googie have struck out on their own for this collaboration, which highlights their unexpected chemistry.  Trip’s loudmouthed aggression, born from a Def Jux dystopian nightmare, is smoothed out by Googie’s laid-back storytelling.  Over the course of the record, Googie lets loose his demonic side, highlighted best on “Bedlam,” while Trip dabbles in a calmer tone on tracks like “Sumpin’ You Ain’t Used To.”  Throughout their hard-earned bars, Googie and Headtrip still keep a humorous strain, mocking underground rap while paying tribute to the tradition.