Reservoir Sound

Cult Favorite

Cult Favorite – For All Of These Birds [Official Video] from Reservoir Sound on Vimeo.

For Madmen Only is the debut album by Cult Favorite. One producer, one MC. Bass rumbles, the organ glitches and a congregation sways as one, eyes glassy. The leader stands at podium, eyes afire, face sheathed in the sweat of his exertions. Eager hands greet the prodigal and usher them into the midst of the flock. Otherworldly beats filter through arcane apparatus barely glimpsed behind hanging gaberdine.  The temple is a storefront, the church is a streetcorner, the Word is profane.

Cult Favorite is New York. Producer A.M. Breakups’s sound was born upstate, and despite years making noise in the NYC underground, the rust belt embedded in his sound. Brooklyn’s own Elucid is his city in rhyme form, urgent, grating, unassailable; a leviathan. Both have critically acclaimed released work on their own but Cult Favorite is a a startlingly coherent collaboration, pushing the boundaries of the genre and staking a claim to new territory. Nine tracks of millenial anxiety and fever visions, black noise and white phosphorous, this is For Madmen Only.