Reservoir Sound

Dj Dyllemma

DJ Dyllemma is a turntablist and producer from Westchester County area of New York State.  For over a decade, he has been the embodiment of the work ethic, passion, and ingenuity that is far too often lacking in Hip-Hop music today.
Dyllemma combines a distinct ear for authentic, classic production with a deep passion for crate digging, and the results speak for themselves. He was among the ranks of the legendary last generation staff of Fat Beats NYC, working closely with Brown Bag All Stars, Stilllife, The Brothers Grimm, KON and Silent Knight, among others. He is a master of all aspects of turntablism; battle styles, beat juggling, party rocking, live shows, album cuts, dropping mixtapes and vinyl collecting.
Longtime Reservoir Sound crew, Dyllemma is always making moves. He is regular at NYC’s famous The LineUp, and you can also catch him rocking sets at Last Exit (Brooklyn, NY) on the last friday of every month.