Reservoir Sound

DJ Jimmy Da Gent

Jimmy C. commonly known as Jimmy The Gent has been a rising fixture in New York Nightlife sought after for his eclectic musical taste and mixing style. Known for a song selection that brings together the sounds of hip-hop, rock, house, electronic, and the Brooklyn Independent music scene have helped him craft a reputation for curating a quality vibe. His ability to use music to convey a story and keep the crowds engaged have only further garnered his notoriety. His passion for the mix have gained him the recognition and attention from some of New York Nightlife’s heavy hitters.

Jimmy’s love for music and mixing abilities have made him a regular at some of New York’s A List parties such as La Vie with Legendary Damon and Baby I’m A Star hosted by DJ’s MOS & Kiss where he is regular fixture. W.I.P., Gold Bar, The Thompson, The Jane, Tenjune, SL East to name a few have all been entertained by Jimmy The Gent. The likes of celebrities and artist such as Julia Stiles, Sting, Cuba Gooding Jr. Talib Kweli, Janelle Monae, Lil Kim and Estelle have all been spotted at parties where Jimmy is heard.

Not only has this DJ built a reputation inside of the cities competitive scene he spans across the East River where he has become a regular fixture among the Brooklyn Independent music scene. He is known for his membership as 1/3 of the hip-hop group We Are Not For Them under independent Brooklyn label Reservoir Sound Womb. He is an original member and collaborator with Reservoir Sound where he has been curating original material. We Are Not For Them has regularly been seen at South Paw, Legion Bar, Mercury Lounge, Public Assembly and even on The Vans Warp Tour. They have opened for major hip-hop acts such as Masta Ace, The Nappy Roots, and Vast Aire of Cannibal Ox.