Reservoir Sound

MC Eleven

MC Eleven is at odds with commonality.  Coming from the sticks of Westchester County, Eleven is a unique character in the hip-hop community and an integral component of the Reservoir Sound movement.  Eleven weaves alliteration and wit, while fusing socio-political commentary with a reverence to the historical pillars of hip-hop itself.  His lyrics transcend both contemporary and classical concepts,  incorporating  culture, politics, b-boyisms, technology, science, love, sex, spirituality, mathematics and everything else, real or otherwise. A collage of modern music.

For years, MC Eleven and A.M. Breakups have been creative partners, pushing each other forward with a plethora of performances, recordings, visual art, and cultural happenings.  In 2006, they created the “Free*” EP; a call to arms for those recognizing the dire world conditions of the time. Since then, Eleven has released a steady flow of single releases and collaborative efforts, this culminated in his first full length release, the critically acclaimed “M-Theory” mixtape in November of 2011.  With “M-Theory”, Eleven unleashes a cyber-punk inspired maelstrom of visions, spanning years of work and nearly two dozen tracks.

Through time and experience, Eleven has crafted an awe-inspiring live performance that can instantly command any audience’s attention. From a dingy Brooklyn basement to premiere nightlife city venues, Eleven’s styles are adaptable and infinite. A creative force that cannot be denied, far wiser than his years.  

As far as MC Eleven is concerned, this is just the entro. 

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