Reservoir Sound

Hype Wonder

Hype Wonder’s Biodynamics

Hype is a writer, what performs own material.
Mind type: lyrical.

When conventional means turn lackluster, what lacks the muster to cut mustard,
you bring in a professional,
whose brief case writtens ain’t brief,
Brobdingnagian brainscape palatial.
In a world of small fries, the steaks: glacial.

Hype recognizes all things and turns inward
For radiant heating.
Vortextual language: A.RonĂ­s perpetual feeding.
Ingesting the rhythm. In depth with the meaning.
Then infecting the victims with blessings and beatings.
Just prep work, Wonder is superseding super seeding.

Hype has no love for lethargic negligence.
But hands astute youths truths that brew through beats and penmanship.
Grind on all week and imbibe beverages.
Time, that is no cheap.
Don’t sleep till the end of it.

All power to the People.