Reservoir Sound

Jeff Markey

Jeff’s Outrageousness in Confidence Greens a Tune for Dimensions Yankee

Lamps luminesce bless Supreme Cutlass

us about to trip fantastic reckless

sorcerous round the highways

of the Nutmeg State. Boisterous glorious

what happens next’s anyone’s guess

the indigenous waxes Copernicus.

Aeneas ambivalence stills clairvoyance.

West weary woe aloud before Providence

trap set for Ackbar’s too ingenious

’cause I’m the muthafuckin’ EMPEROR!

Robot Voice


Got nudg’d outside intelligence

found balance w/ impertinence for once

& thought hey all right Dr. Smarty-Pants

I yawp to the tempo of concupiscence

since ol’ Master Stevens drop’t the rock its

wanderlust crunk’d hobbyhorse

paired w/ magnificent schnapps that pops.

Cloud City real pretty kitty Puss-

in-Boots poster at the global Renaissance

Faire for freaky falcon legends. Myths

take time for performance & “grace

once spoken speaks forever” Keats

in a backbeat would love to smoke apocalypse

w/ you tonight Atlantis you crease the jukebox

that one in the corner there. Where Douglas Fairbanks

& Goldilocks are debating Hendrix

v. Stevie Ray? The way sunshine like common sense

filters out the tap dance inconvenience.

Take my matter from me what w/ hydromechanics

plus Buzz’ from Zartan & the Dreadnoks

I’ll remix the lovely ladies of Lenox.

Concord Massachusetts

the birthplace of Michael Alan Schiavo. No offense

but who gives a fuck? Jinx.

I’ve come to you here tiny immense

preparing a way up the mountain face

& down w/ assist’ only in a fix.

Out of the heron house fresh out of disturbance

out of operations near the front of flamboyance

my response in séance unbrokered methinks

from out of this side of things. Oscar/Felix.

Out of geopolitics I packed up my contents.

My condensery. Out of clothes

but not a tendency to resurgence

my insurgency. Stutter’s back Prometheus.

Amphibious I’m on my way out w/out a glance

lest into salt or out of tears I tear vigilance.

Whence you sail—for the coast of Aquarius—

give my regards to the billion-eyed Fawkes.