Reservoir Sound

Teddy Faley

Teddy Faley is a 28 year old rapper/producer from Baltimore, MD. A longtime fan of both hip hop and alternative rock, Faley has been making his own music as a hobby since 1999. In 2005 he decided to try his hand as a career musician. Thanks to his talent for writing universally relatable lyrics, and creating a unique production style, his music has made Teddy Faley a name known to fans worldwide.

A songwriter of instinct, Teddy has a flair for writing emotions into open-ended metaphors that connect with audiences in a way that the hip hop medium rarely does, leaving the listener moved by the raw emotion bared through the music. Although his roots are firmly placed in the hip-hop & rock music that inspires him, he has truly made a sound all his own. “It tends to be structured a bit more naturally, or said better when i don’t plan out what I’m putting on paper. What it usually end up being about is whatever happens to be interesting me at the time… Everything is an equal sign”. It is that uniquely personal sound that landed his independently released debut EP, “Apple Juice” in thousands of CD players & iPods, as well as numerous “Best of 2008″ lists on hip hop blogs & webzines.

Teddy started writing songs and recording them as a hobby at the age of 18: “Just rhyming for fun with my friends that initially got me started… Eventually I macgyver-rigged a mic to my old pc and started playing with recording my own tracks.”, he says. But it wasn’t until joining Brakefast Records as part of the label’s original roster that he decided to pursue his passion as a career. For the next several years Teddy, and the other Brakefast artists, headlined sold out shows both at home in Baltimore, as well as venues in NYC, DE, NJ, & VA. In addition to headlining, Teddy also opened for artists like Ghostface Killah, Boot Camp Click, & many more. However, after being with Brakefast for two years Teddy left the label with the aim of starting his own. In 2008, Faley, along with fellow musician Cubbiebear, created The Rape.

It was only a matter of time before Teddy’s “everyman kind of self conscious style and undeniable stage presence” would catch the attention of New York’s underground. “Apple Juice” has recieved critical acclaim across the globe, and Dropouts Inc. “You Can’t Unchop-Trees”, a collaboration between Faley and Albany-based producer Joe Schaefer, has deepened his legacy as a true master of dynamic lyricism.