Reservoir Sound

Warren Britt

Warren Britt has always been the type of person to earn what he is after. It makes the experience of actually achieving the goal a lot more meaningful.

Born and Raised in Brooklyn, New York in a seperated household, Warren Samuel Britt adapted to expressing himself through poetry. A natural bond with words formed and coincided with his love of Hip-Hop. Influenced by LL Cool J, Busta Rhymes, Nas, Def Squad, and 2Pac, he began to transfer his appreciation of words into rap songs.

Britt became heavily active in hip-hop at the age of 12, when he constructed his first rhyme in the back of his Grandfather’s 1984 Oldsmobile. This was Brownsville, during the September of 1996. From then on it was all he wanted to do.

Junior High School saw Warren creating parodies about sexual encounters that never took place, more or less just having fun through other peoples music. It was in High School that he would take his craft more seriously, joining in the lunchroom freestyle ciphers and battles. He became somewhat popular among his Canarsie High School peers and on December 14, 2002 he released a mixtape, “THE ILLOSOPHY”, that he distributed amongst his neighborhood peers and classmates. Since then, “THE ILLOSOPHY” has managed to find itself in many corners of the globe, including London, Liverpool, The Netherlands, Australia, and all the way back to the United States of America.

After an extended period of silence, a childhood friend of Warren’s convinced him to give rapping another shot. Since, he has been an integral part of the New York City Hip-Hop scene, hitting up open mics including The Nuyorican, @MoreBondfire at The Bowery Poetry Club, End Of The Weak, and Free Da Mic.

In March 2009, he would go to work on his first offering since 2002. The “@TheMethLab” EP symbolized his introduction, as well as a thank you, to New York’s underground scene. A year (and a bevy of guest appearances, road trips, and performances) later, he would offer a middle finger to the same scene he once embraced. This would come in the form of an EP entitled “THE BRITT ISH IS COMING”.

Warren paired with progressive Hip-Hop artist The MC Faceman and sought to develop an album he felt the New York scene had been “too closed-minded” to develop. The result would be a fair balance of party records and introspective songs that paint an honest portrait of him and what he stands for.

This release found a home on some of the most popular New York Hip-Hop Sites including FreeHipHopNow, Birthplace Magazine, Act:Live Music, iHeartDilla, and The Deli Magazine.

He is heavy at work on his debut LP, “The Art Of Warren”, as well as a collaboration with Backwoodz Studioz’s Willie Green, and a full length LP with A.M. Breakups and Jimmy Da Gent, known as We Are Not For Them. With a few more projects on the side, Warren S. Britt is definitely not losing any momentum in reaching his goals.

“Thank You For The Support”