Reservoir Sound



6 years ago, A.M. Breakups, accompanied by Warren S. Britt and The Gent set out on an expedition to reinvent sound with positive intentions. With this sound they chose to display their stories of struggle, identification, and awakening. Their message relayed with a great responsibility and an equal sense of urgency has finally caught waves in the New York Underground music scene. With this they provide an open look into the first of volume of their studies…

Gruff Lion | Death or Evolution

This world is what we’ve made it — the devastation of our potential; destruction and hope dichotomized, codependent; a simple race of confused complexities placating chaos only to create more. What’s done has been so with no revisions to be written, and in our narrative, destruction looms.
The idea of evolution has been abandoned in favor of dominance. We conquered the food chain behind a consciousness that set us remarkably apart from other beasts. We claimed the world as our dominion and built civilizations, each one grander than before, but never wiser. We waged wars against our planet and fellow man, perpetually falling into the same internecine traps, failing to see that we abandoned a higher being for a life we cannot sustain.

This project examines mankind from nature to nurture and the cultures that each beget. We have our choices to own and nothing else. Every decision has consequence, often far beyond our comprehension. There’s no excuse for what we’ve done and noone to blame but ourselves. It takes an entire tribe, but either we evolve, totally, to reevaluate the gift of consciousness, or we die, completely, so the Earth might breathe again. There is no middle ground, just the wasted lands we continue to create. Make your choice.

death or evolution.


A.M. Breakups | Wrist Drop EP

Produced by A.M. Breakups [Reservoir Sound Womb/SESAC].
Co-produced & sequenced by Lt. Headtrip.
Additional programming on “Cork’s Handle” by Duncecap.

For GPV. Things will be good some day.

Reservoir Sound | We Are The Karma Kids | 2015

released 17 March 2015